BH-DA011006 Dali Plug-in One Ten Six
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Dalmatic metro Dali plug-in one ten six module

The Dali plug-in module provides individual control of ten Dali luminaires and requires no addressing of the Dali ballasts on site

The module provides powerful and flexible Dali control, total plug-in connectivity, distributed intelligence, and incorporates Lon technology for seamless interoperability with other Lon building services

The module is equipped with ten individually addressed relays which save energy by switching off power to the ballasts at 0% output (avoiding wasteful standby power consumption) and also allow control of non-Dali light sources

The metro one ten six enables single or two-fix installation.  A robust frame, designed for screw or drop-rod mounting, accepts a clip-in module with ports for the plug-in connection of incoming mains, luminaire outputs, buswire & control devices.  The module accepts the plug-in connection of multisensors, presence detectors and switches


 Dali plug-in one ten six

                       o   Metro Dali plug-in one then six

                            Product ref: 201B1


Benefits of the Dali plug-in one ten six

The Dali plug-in module offers a number of benefits:


Reduces the time and cost of commissioning by using pre-addressed ports which avoid the need to address Dali ballasts on-site.


Enable ballast replacement without the need to assign an address so simplifying maintenance.

Saves energy by switching off power to ballasts at 0% output so avoiding standby power consumption.

Enables the connection & control of non-Dali sources including tungsten lamps, fan-coils etc.



Mounting details


The metro one ten is designed for single or two-fix installation.  The unit comprises:

·         A robust frame fixed on drop rods or via screws

·         A snap-in module

Mount the frame with the arrow pointing up




                     plug in one ten six





dimensions (mm)

345 w x 210 h x 55 d (excludes plugs)

100 mm depth including capsule & plugs


flame-retardant low smoke moulded housing

ambient temperature / relative humidity

0 to +SO'C I 20% to 90% non condensing



technical details


1 x 220-240V- 50/60Hz single phase 10A lighting circuit

protected by 10A MCB (3 pin plug-in connector supplied)

Dali outputs

10 Dali dimming outputs.

Dali ballasts are auto-addressed and do not require on-site addressing

Module provides lamp/ballast failure per Dali output.

Dali emergency devices connect to the Dali bus from the luminaire port

switched 230V outputs

10 individually switched outputs (1 DA resistive, 3A inductive)

1 emergency test output

local switch inputs

1 plug-in port (three-pin - sw1) for connection of conventional monetary action switch.


4 plug-in ports (two-pin - i1-i4) for connection of smart / Dali presence detectors, multisensors

and scene-set devices: plug-in terminal block accepts max 1 cable.

network Lon bus inputs

2 plug-in ports for twisted pair Lon network bus connection (max 1.5 cable).

diagnostic LEDs

Neon - shows 240v present.

Power LED • shows secondary power circuit operational.

Alert LED . indicates short on the sensor bus or issue with Communication card.

Wink LED - winks when instructed through software

Service LED - indicates fault mode.

buswire specification

330 V rms - twisted pair Belden 7701 NH unshielded 22 AWG stranded.

600 V rms - twisted pair Belcom 4001 P22S54LSZH unshielded 22 AWG solid.


Lon specifications

Echelon LonWorks FT 5000 Smart Transceiver

FTX3 free topology communications transformer


Conforms to LonMark 3.4 guidelines and profiles

4 switch objects #3200

4 light sensor objects #1010

4 occupancy sensor objects #1060

10 open loop actuator objects #0003

4 occupancy controller objects #3071

4 light controller objects #3050







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