BH-DA0012 Dali Plug-in Zero Twelve
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سه شنبه 19 اردیبهشت 1396
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Delmatic metro Dali zero twelve plug-in module




The zero twelve provides individual control of twelve Dali luminaires and requires no addressing of the Dali ballasts after installation on site.

The module provides powerful and flexible Dali control, total plug-in connectivity, distributed intelligence, andincorporates Lon technology for seamless interoperability with other Lon building services.

The module provides independent Dali dimming of up to twelve outputs and is equipped with twelve ports for the connection of the Dali pair to the luminaires: 230V power is wired direct from the distribution board to the luminaires.

The zero twelve enables single or two-fix installation. A robust frame, designed for screw or drop-rod mounting, accepts a clip-in module with ports for the plug-in connection of incoming mains, Dali outputs, buswire, and control devices in cluding switches, multisensors and presence detectors.


Metro Dali zero twelve





benefits of the Dali zero twelve plug-in module

The zero twelve module offers a number of benefits


ideal for retrofits as addressable Dali flexibility can be added without changes to existing mains wiring.

enables ballast replacement without the need to assign an address so simplifying maintenance

reduces time & cost of commissioning by using pre-addressed ports which avoid the need to address Dali ballasts on-site after installation.













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